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Who is T-NET Solutions?

  • IPA Registered, 100% nationally owned Papua New Guinean Consultancy & Engineering Services Company
  • IPA Business Registration # 6-190505, IPA Tax Identification Number # 500459887.
  • Offering One Stop Cost Effective Consultancy & Engineering Services in Design, Project Management, Business Operations.
  • Advocate for e-Governance and Transparency, ICT for Development, Open Government Data and Sharing, Effective and Efficient Public Service Delivery adding value to citizens socio and economic wellbeing,  Inclusive Participation for all in Cyber Safe Digital Economy.
  • Experienced Practitioner, Experienced in Policy/Legal/Regulatory development  in Digital Economy, Digital Government,  Digital Transformation, Digital Infrastructure and Service,  Interoperability Secure Data Exchange and Trust services. Data Governance Policy and Implementation,  Information Security and Cyber Security Policy, Strategy and Operations.
  • Experienced Practitioner, Experienced Project Manager, Experienced C-Level Executive and solutions developer in ICT and Telecommunication Infrastructure and Services development including Engineering Design, Specifications,  Implementation Planning, Rollout, Operations and Support and Quality Audits, Digital and Communication Infrastructure development, Data Center, IXP and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), Digital Connectivity, Last Mile, Remote Island, Rural Communication solutions, Capacity Development and Training.  
  • Part of Global Consulting Networks and partners and Active Contributor
  • Through engagement and participation, in 2021 recognized a International Telecommunication Union (ITU) expert resource in Papua New Guinea  in Digital Government Infrastructure and Digital Services and Digital Broadband Connectivity.
  • Hobbyist Affiliate Marketer,  e-Commerce platform development, Web site and Content creator and writer and Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Currency and Cryptography enthusiast. 


  • Program Planning, Project Management, Budget, SWOT Analysis, Risk Analysis, Needs Requirement Analysis.
  • Infrastructure specialist in Telecommunication Tower and Infrastructure Solutions Design, Specification, Supply, Installation and Operations, 15m, 30m 45, 60m or customized. Design, Procurement & Supply to PNG, Installation Services, and Existing Network Design, Audit, Hardware Refreshing, and Operations Support.
  • Wireless GSM/UMTS Cellular Mobile Switching Center, Date Center and Telco Exchange Facilities, Media Gateway – Design, Install, and Operations, Administration and Maintenance.
  • GSM/UMTS Network Drive Test and Optimization – Stand Alone and Cluster Sites.
  • Rigging Services – New Tower Construction, Telecom Install and Maintenance and Operations Support.
  • Microwave Transmission Links, Design, Install, Commission and Operate and Maintenance.


  • Provide One Stop Cost Effective Quality Value for Money Solutions for our Client
  • Advocating for inclusive and equal participation in digital economy.
  • Advocating for open transparent government through e-governance.


  • E2E Project Management with established network, in industry, government, civil service organisation, at national, regional  and international level and strong network.
  • Combined over 50 years of experience and successful Project Planning, Budget, Design, Implementation and Delivery with extensive networking support.
  • Established Vendor relationships – Supply and Support
  • Established associated engineering firms relationship across Telecom, ICT, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Logistics and Building, with active vibrant networks access.
  • Established working relationship with Industry, State Own Enterprise, Government Policy Makers and Regulator.
  • We look to establish long term relationship with our clients.


Jack Tomon, Director & COO

2017 Professional reference

RCS T Ref capture

Personal Profile

  • Experience Public Sector (Government) Digital Transformation, Digital Government Strategy, Policy Making, Legal and Regulator advisor.
  • Experienced Entrepreneur, Partner Business Development Manager, Tower Solutions Specialist, freelance Consultant, End to End Telecom Solutions and Operation Subject-Matter Expert, Contract Project Manager, and freelance Contract Administrator.
  • Team player, Result driven, Motivated, and Resourceful leader with established Industry Peoples networking and proven record to strategy, plan and design and successfully project managed and delivered Telecom, Cellular and ICT projects as new Start-ups, Expansions and or daily Operations Management in line with  company directives, in PNG and SI.
  • Experienced and expert in Telecom (Fixed, VSAT, Microwave, IP, Billing) and Cellular (GSM, UMTS, LTE, Hotspots, Roaming, Interconnect, Regulatory and Billing), and ICT (Corporate LAN, WAN, Finance and Business Support systems). Involved in Business Plans, Solutions Specifications, Conceptual Designs, Review, Recommendations and Approval, Vendor Contract Negotiation and Project Management and Field Deployment to hand over to Operations.
  • Brings over 21 years of Telecom ICT experiences, later 10 years in Senior Technology Management/ Leadership role and with regular direct reporting to Executive Management and Board.
  • Team lead in successful development of plan to final vendor negotiation and contract execution– with Huawei Australia – to Supply and Install UMTS Mobile Network, Soft switch Core, Billing plus 800 UMTS sites. Deployment through subsequent rephrasing/review and delivery in line with Board and Business plan.
  • Management lead and onsite Project Manager, interfacing to Vendor and CME Service Contractors, successfully delivering on time budget and schedule
  • Experience of PNG & SI Telecom and ICT environment, Regulatory, Social and Project Delivery environments. Able to lead, develop train and establish sustainable relationships across multicultural environment.

Professional Experience

  • Experienced in Company Board & Management support including Finance, Auditor, HR, Security, and Strategy and representing Management in External Company discussion with SOEs, NICTA, Suppliers, and Vendors & Clients, national and international.
  • Expert and experienced in Vendor Contract Negotiation to signing; post signing Contract Administration & Execution in line with Company business objective.
  • Experienced in PMO & Program Management, & E2E expert project life cycle management, from Conceptual Design, Budgeting, Tender Administration, Implementation, Supervision, Vendor Management, stakeholder Reporting, Procurement, Logistics, and Assets Management & Capitalisation.
  • Experienced in Cellular Network Operations– MSC and Sites – Expert in Design, Construction & OAM and NOC Management including IT, Billing and Business Supports Systems.
  • Experienced Facilities, Building and Building support systems including MSC Power AC/DC and UPS management.
  • Expert in Billing & Roaming and Inter Carrier Interconnection Administration, National and International.
  • Experienced in Telephony Network Operations- Experienced in Design, Construction & OAM– Exchange/Switch Room admin, External Plant/MDF interface, Transmission Network Interfacing and Power Systems AC/DC management.
  • Expert and experienced in Tower Designs & Specs, Install & Commission; SST, RDS/RDU/RDM; Roof top, Mono poles
  • Experienced with Telecom Power systems Designs & Installation; Grid AC, DC Site powers, Genset, Solar power.
  • Experienced PNG Power Ltd Grid & Power Generation & Transmission, Domestic and Industrial standards and regulation.
  • Experienced with Microwave Transmission Systems Networks & Network Transport Systems; Operations, Design, Install, & Maintenance.
  • Experienced  with Satellite Systems VSAT and C-Band installation, operations and management.
  • Experienced with Telecommunication Fibre Optics and Cable Network Systems design, installation, operation and management.
  • Expert in Building & Interior Fit out, general and specific to Vodafone Global specifications.
  • Expert and seasoned in successful project delivery to all locations of PNG, from planning through execution till Post Implementation support.


Mobile: +675 7680 0051 (PG)
Email: jacktomon@tnetsolutions.net
Postal Address: PO Box 1206, Vision City, 131, National Capital District, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Office: Garden Hills, Kaeme St., Sec 445, Lot 54, Hohola, Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea
Business Website: https://tnetsolutions.net/
Downloads: Company profile, 2017

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26 comments on “About us

  1. Well done brother
    You’ve done it all. Will be behind you

    John 15.5-7

    God bless

    1. Hi Paose,
      Thank you for your support, friendship and Godly ever inspiring messages.
      Much appreciated having you as one of many professional elites I had the pleasure of mentoring and developed over the past years, who are now doing absolute well in your own professional careers and personal life. I am proud of your achievements. Friday 6th May will be my official last day will Bmobile Vodafone, after 17 years of association with this business, which is close to my heart, one that has seen its peaks and low days, however, one that has made us who we are today. Wish you ongoing success and our path will cross again soon.
      Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Hard work is just completing any task without applying much of any ideas, no thinking out of the box concept unlike where in smart work we will think out of the box, add some creativity.

    Yes, you have done it professionally as you’ve always done in any work you do and you are an inspiration and mentor to everyone you meet. I would not be where I am now without your guidance.

    Well done bro and you have my support !


    1. Hi Konny,
      Much appreciated your kind brotherly words. Looking back, life has been a wonderful journey of brothers of many twists, ups and downs, as we tried to map our chapters in those early days. Been a lot of fun, tears and memories. All made more enjoyable when you are surrounded with good companions like yourself and our other family members, it is my pleasure to have been there and I am proud of your success in life and work. With our learnedly experiences, it is now our time to lead and guide our kids in the start of their journeys. Life comes once and we stay safe and fit to and lead our young family teams forward.

      In any success, there is always a good team behind. A great team evolves from good leadership, honesty, leading, training, sharing, engagement and encouragement apart from being professional and ethical, one that you are proud to be part of. God is kind and and I have been blessed with many.

      Take care brother, stick around as let us make the next story (journey) better than the last.

      Thanks for dropping by.


      1. Congradulations my brother !
        You have done it all for telecommunications in PNG.
        I am so proud of your achievements.
        With you all the way !

        Big sister

        1. Hi Big Sister Miry,
          Thank you and much appreciated. Could not have so without you and your caring husband Mr Robin Kunai for all the persistent parental care and guidance throughout the many years of education and growing up. Not forgetting our late mum and our old man (my son) and father to many, Mr Tarcisius Tomon, still kicking, We thank God for all you wonderful people. May God continues to care for us, bless us and guide us forward.
          And thanks for stopping by.

  3. Congratulations Jack with the start up. You have inspired us.Stepping out of our comfort zone into the outside world is a challenge but is exciting at the same time to put into practice the acquired training and experiences obtained over the years. That will put you in the steering wheel to chart your destiny with a better return on the efforts you put in. You have much to offer in your area of expertise and knowing that you always provide your best service on any task on hand. The move is exciting and we will provide any support require. May the God Lord continue lead you .

    1. Hi Brother Mark,
      Thanks you and much appreciated.
      I also know I can count on you. In any healthy public (and private) company, as custodian and professional, it is always our moral obligation firstly, to serve with full commitment to the best of our God’s given abilities and secondly to develop, train, develop and mentor more young PNG national professionals to takeover over our seats and continue serve our PNG public. The process is only fully complete when the rein is passed on and one must move on.

      Excitingly and more coincidentally, I know the time is right, as I have now a young aspiring replacement, very close to heart, who is making great progress in her professional debut, and whom I can see many likeness in smartness and talents, almost like looking in my young self many years back.

      Hence my time to close this chapter and start the next journey, and take new challenges. Sky is the limit and with God’s guidance, when one windows closes, many other opens.

      I will value your professional expertise as required when the time comes. Thank God for brother like you. Get well and fit soon. And will stay in touch.

      And thanks for dropping by.


    1. Hi Chantelle,
      Much appreciated and thank you my dearest. Dreams are great thing to have. Out of dreams comes Ideas. Ideas provides fuels to focus in life and for success. Success does come with pains and gains. Gains and achievement brings Satisfaction in life and sees your dreams in reality.

      You are in one of the best company to learn and develop, relevant, modern and fast evolving in technology and product, and surrounded with great colleges, professional and subject matter experts. Wish you Gods blessings and success. Enjoy Work & Living & Take care. Will always be around for you and the team.

      Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Congratulations Wau,
    Very Proud and very Impressed. Setting another milestone and challenge for the upcomers. Congratulations once again and May the good Lord bless and guide you and your company for the years to come.

    Proud and inspired son
    Lexii 🙂

    1. Hi Alex,
      Thank you son and much appreciated.
      Thanks for dropping by from East New Britain. I am also proud of your success in professional education a Graduate Surveyor from PNG University of Technology and your progress to date.

      And hope that your short 6 months stint with my Lae based team of PO2A Bmobile Vodafone tower logistics and roll out into Lae and into Eastern Highlands and other Highlands region has been positive contribution to professional carrier development. You and rest of the 11 casual team members have been a contributing factor to successful logistics around 53+ containers, with your logistics expert Lae Manager David Harry and POM’s fly in fly out logistics specialists (seriously) non other than Gima Kila and Andrew Ali, and our fantastic Lae Bmobile Vodafone team.
      Tons of container sweats, port holes, rainy and slippery roads, sleepless mornings and evenings and fun.
      Thanks for line in and stay safe son till I see you again.


      1. Uh the boys! Hahaha yes paps the short stint was interesting, challenging and enlightening in respect to the mobile communications. And this has also helped in my professional outlook. Thanks so much for everything.

        You guys take care and be safe till we meet again
        Regards from Radaaz!

    1. Hi Issac,
      Thanks for dropping by. Thank you for you tireless efforts to make Project PO2A a reality and success for our team. Much appreciated your presence as a PO2A project team member and your undivided commitment, endurance and energy in those long drives up and about the highlands highway corridor.
      Where one window shut, many new open.
      Take care and will be in touch.
      Thanks Jack.

  5. Hi Jack,

    Your team had done a great job. Hope your will achieve much more success in year 2017

  6. Congratulations tambu Jack,

    You have thrown the stone into the pool of water and for certain that will have a ripple effect on all of us to wake up and step outside of our comfort zones.

    Well done.

    I see the true meaning of where there is a will there is most certainly a way and you have paved that way.

    Way to go.

    Let God take the lead in all you do 🙂 God bless,

    1. Dear Tams,
      Thanks you for dropping by and the kind words.
      We will never know our limits if we do no try. We will never realize our dreams if we step out of our sleep and action. Failures and successes is part of the journey to growing up and we should not doubt to encounter. Having a plan keeps us focus during the storms, and of course be prepared to review and make us the rest as we go.

      Thank you and Billy for all your support and looking forward to greater heights in 2017. God blesses and takes care of you all. Stay safe.


  7. JT,
    Great to know that you are doing well on your own, setting your sights high, and making every effort to achieve those goals.

    The potential is limitless in what you are capable of.
    So what’s next? ………….”the Sky’s the limit” as they say, so keep reaching for them stars

    Best wishes for continued success. Well done !

    Best Regards

    1. Black Jack,
      My twin brother,start ups is always a major feat and journey of sweats, pains and of course rewards. Being visionary and discipline is key, yet one must enjoy the journey through out. Our accumulated life experiences, together with supports and encouragements from brothers, colleges and family like yourself and many others, keeps us focus on finish line, which keeps shifting and one we should never reach.

      Every man has talents, but only we as individuals can take these talents and translate to goodness for oneself and for the good will of others. We must never fear of failures as if it does not kill us, it only makes us stronger. We look forward making 2017 a bigger and better year, with lots more stories and laughs we can share. Always appreciate your companionship and encouragement. I am always a phone call away. At the least this is why the mercenaries build the damn network first together before they went separated ways. They will always be reachable. Take care and thanks for dropping by!
      Best Regards,

  8. Bro,
    The journey has begun and I know you will archive your goals by the Grace of God. I am proud of your archivements and admire your determination. Well done my Brother.God Bless.

    1. Hi Brother AG,
      Thank you for dropping by and kinds word.

      Will always value your companionship, brotherhood and support. We have achieved so much in our journeys for many years and you are one of the last of the original technical team of professionals that made the network and company what it is today. That we can be proud off. We have since developed many young aspiring engineers who now must stand up and take over our responsibilities, so we can be free to fulfill other dreams and obligations in life, as our days are finite.

      I have started the new chapter and soon this will be our next journey and more stories to share and write about, when you are ready.

      Stay safe! Take care! God guides and blesses you. And will catch up again soon.

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