Our Experiences


Our Experiences in Telecommunication Networks, Services, Tower Sites roll out and Building Maintenance & Fitouts in Papua New Guinea.


1 NML project

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2 Seeto Kui project

3 BECL Broad Band Network project

5 Bmobile Ghills 2G3G project

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4 Bmobile Lae Exchange Rooftop project

3a Bmobile VC Ship Fitout


6 Bmobile NCD Cap Upgrade

7 Bmobile 2015 Pacific Games Upgrade

6a Bmobile PO2A Rollout

8 Bmobile Lae Network Upgrade


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4 comments on “Our Experiences

  1. Please My people and I were ripped off by Digicel, Please do send me form for tower in my village Bua Ward 2 Labuta LLG, Nawaeb District, Lae Morobe Province
    Urgent Need.

    1. Hi Morris, Thank you for dropping by and commenting. T-NET Solutions are partner Engineering and Solution delivery company with current working relationship with Bmobile Vodafone (PNG) and also other Service Providers. We do not dictate where Bmobile Vodafone Tower should be build its towers. This is sole decision of any Mobile Service Company, for this case Bmobile Vodafone. We can however help you as your own project in designing your tower site base on your intended use and where you are connecting to, order the tower and site power equipment, construct, and integrate to existing network. See our separate email to you on how T-NET Solution can be of help.

  2. It is no surprise T-NET is getting heavily involved in big projects fast. The company is led by a great leader who is a visionary and a pro-creator who has vast experience in the Telecommunication and Technology arena.

    God Speed Jack. Keep up the good work….

    1. Hi Sabath,

      Thank you for the kind words. Success is the drill we have been practicing up to my exit and which you are continuing, so should be no surprise, I agree.

      Flash back: Mercenaries = Solutions -> To unsolvable. Where the SEAL and all other known options fails, we Mercenaries go. Mercenaries solve any problems but has no set doctrine to how to do so. Mercenaries make these up as they go along. This is the code of conduct, man!

      For sure, Success is inevitable, where there is vision, commitment, determination and openness to challenges and changes. Changes are inevitable, and we should not spend energy fighting changes rather flow with these changes. With our acquired know ledges and experiences in our professional careers, our colleges and family support and encouragement inside and outside, you have all the main ammunition to set out for battle. On the way, ensure to take on the spoils to make best use of these to elevate. This is the way of the Mercenaries.

      All men are born to succeed in their own ways. If one can realize his potential, then he can harness whats around him and grow.

      In the journey of course, it is more enriching if one is ethical, honest, fair and team player as a team of Mercenaries with common goal -> to solve unsolvable, and their lives depends on each and other.

      Take care. Live to Solve and Inspire! Best regards, Jack

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